World’s First Passenger-Carrying Drone Will Soon Fly In Dubai

A year ago we featured a giant quadcopter – a megadrone called EHang which promised to transport humans to their desired destination just by using an app.

It seems the era of the “Jetsons” has finally come when Dubai announced that “EHang 184” will begin regular operations in July.

The Chinese drone maker EHang will be supplying the city of Dubai with the world’s first passenger-carrying drone.

The service will commence operation in July after the head of Dubai’s Roads and Transportation Agency Mattar al-Tayer unveiled it at the World Government Summit in Dubai.

Like what it’s promised at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas a year ago, the drone will be fully automatic and you’ll be in your destination using an onboard app.

Since it’s an “auto-pilot” system, it will be monitored by a ground command center.

In case there’s a problem or an emergency, the EHang 184 is programmed to land immediately at the nearest safe location.

See it in action:

The EHang 184 is a single person electric drone vehicle that can travel at a maximum of 50km and can reach a peak altitude of 3.5km for 30 minutes on a single charge.

Via: WB



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