Survey proves that not everyone is willing to take a risk to help you (8 Photos)

When it comes down to personal relationships, if you were to intervene for your child, your spouse/partner or someone else’s child, based on 3 scenarios. The parameters were the same, where you’d either get paid for doing it, do it for free, or not bother at all. The results aren’t all to surprising.

When it comes down your your kid or partner, most people will do it without thinking, but surprisingly enough 4% need a reward so save their family. Good thing this survey is anonymous, because who the fuck would even say that publicly.

Thank god we’re not all insane. An average of 95% would save their family without any thought, and close to 79% would save someone else’s kid. The remainder (close to a quarter of those surveyed), need a reward to save that neighbour kid that’s always in trouble.

While from an evolutionary perspective, it makes sense; we want to save our kin and help continue our genetic line, it’s really sad that only 75% of people would help out a kid in trouble.

It’s a kid, for fucks sake.


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