Someone Made a Remote Controlled Truck That Is Also a Cake And It's AMAZING [Video]

For years, our parents told us not to play with our food. And did we listen? Yes, because at the end of the day, we had to eat. But thanks to one Reddit user uploading a video of a remote control truck that is also a truly unique CAKE, we can once again feel super conflicted about whether we should play with our food or eat it.

How has this not been done before? How is this not THE go-to cake for all childhood birthday parties? And most importantly — how does it taste?! That pile of cake dirt looks both scrumptious and also not thaaaaat appetizing at the same time. But 10/10 would play with the truck for five minutes before chowing down on everything (except the wheels — pretty sure they aren’t edible but you know there’s always gonna be that one kid at the party who tries…)

Do YOU want a remote control cake for your next birthday? Or, is there another object you’d want to see cake-ified? Let us hear your thoughts @Smosh!


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