Hunter S. Thompson’s Drug Taking Routine Was Absolutely Insane

The legendary gonzo-journalist enjoyed mixing a cocktail of narcotics and alcohol in his daily routine.

Simply put, Hunter S. Thompson was a one-of-kind fella, the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas author stuck a middle finger up to not only conventional journalism but pretty much life in general.

If you think your life is hardcore it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s nothing compared to his, as proven by his daily routine of drugs and alcohol… and orange juice.

Recorded by E. Jean Carroll in the first chapter of her 1994 book, HUNTER: The Strange and Savage Life of Hunter S. Thompson , she reveals his daily rota of substance abuse (for want of a better term) which included an early morning of Chivas Regal, a non-stop cocaine binge from 4:15 am till 5:45 am, all followed up with a 10:00 am acid drop.

Most normal folks would start their day with a bowl of cereal or a full English followed by a strong brew – but then Hunter S. Thompson isn’t most people is he?


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