Hospital Saves Dehydrated Baby Hippo Named Fiona

Hold on to your seats, ladies and gentlemen, because things are about to get real adorable — and the pain you’ll experience in your chest is not a heart attack, but what I like to call « the feels. » A baby hippo was born six weeks early at the Cincinnati zoo. The preemie baby wouldn’t drink and became very dehydrated. Desperate, the zoo got help from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to re-hydrate the baby hippo and get her feeling much better.

Getting sicker and more lethargic by the day, the Cincinnati Zoo got the help of doctors at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

« Preemies have very tiny and unstable veins, and even though our vet team was able to get multiple IVs placed, the veins could not sustain the IV and would blow, » said curator of mammals Christina Gorsuch.

« Lucky for us, we’re right next door to a world-class facility with a whole department dedicated to working with difficult veins. »

After five bags of fluid, Fiona started to feel better.

« She is still sleeping a lot but has started to take bottles again and has periods of carefully-supervised activity. The catheter is still in place. »

Finoa is recovery well and is kept close to her parents to they can still smell and hear each other.

Source: Diply