Dot Watch, A Stylish Braille Smartwatch for the Blind

The Dot Watch is a stylish Braille smartwatch designed to let the blind community take advantage of new technology. The watch offers features like social media notifications, directions, weather updates, and even image-to-text translations. Developers can also take advantage of the Dot’s open system to create apps for the watch and future Dot products including a Braille table called the Dot Pad.

After several years of development, the Dot Watch will be available in March 2017.

Touch the display. Feel the Dots come up and prod at your fingertips. How many are there? One followed by two Dots on the hour module? That means that it’s now 12 o’clock. Checking for time is that simple. So are getting notifications. Just wait for your Dot Watch to vibrate – it’ll tell you who reached out.

via Mashable


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