Don’t Ignore This Warning About Bumper Stickers – This Surprised Me!

Don’t Ignore This Warning About Bumper Stickers – This Surprised Me!

Some individuals don’t consider bumper stickers as unsafe, but police officers across the nation are cautioning families about the risks associated stickers and the labels people enjoy posting on their vehicles. Reports by the Eye Witness News 3 indicate that the Montgomery Public Safety Department shared the post below showing some data criminals can garner from what people regard as safe bumper stickers.

Following the WYFF four people have a choice of including their names on the labels. The sticker selling site warns about the risk the risks of including their names on the tags. However, others decide to ignore. Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Department’ Tony Ivey, explains how the labels can be used to trap kids. He states that children regard people who know their names as good.

Apart from that the stick figure labels and bumper stickers usually contain service information for parents and schools for kids. This gives criminals a clue of when people are home and where to get the kids.

Police advise cautiousness when placing bumper stickers on cars. Eyewitness News 3 states Corporal Hicks from the Montgomery Public Safety is encouraging people to be careful on their Facebook posts. Sharing about things about the vacation period or sharing photos with GPS monitoring can be risky.

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