Disney Featured Same-Sex Couples Kissing for the First Time Ever on One of Their Shows This Week

Disney just showed that they are all about social progress in a subtle way, by depicting two same-sex couples kissing on their XD show Star vs. The Forces of Evil. As the show’s main characters Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz enjoy a boy band concert as “just friends” when the couples around them all start kissing (ugh, we’ve all BEEN THERE), you can see two gay and two lesbian couples kiss. Check it out here, and fast forward to the 1:26 mark to see all the kisses.

It’s great (and about time!) that Disney includes same-sex couples in their content, especially on a show for kids. It’s the studio showing that they support the LGBTQ community while also teaching kids through example that these relationships are just as normal as any relationship between heterosexual couples. And let’s be honest, the sooner kids learn that, the sooner we can prevent them from growing up to be homophobic assholes!

Fans expressed their happiness with the show’s subtle-yet-progressive move on Twitter…

What do you think of Disney showing the same-sex couples kissing in the show? Do you think this is the first of many moves from the studio to be more inclusive with their programming? Let us hear your thoughts on Twitter @Smosh!


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