'Daily Show' Correspondent Calls 'Moonlight' Oscar A Sign Of 'Peak Blackness'

“Moonlight’s” historic Oscar win is not a singular event. It’s actually part of a strange phenomenon known as “peak blackness.”

At least that’s the theory postulated by “Daily Show” correspondent Roy Wood Jr. on Monday’s show.

“‘Peak blackness’ is a rare metaphysical anomaly that can only occur when an amalgam of black excellence comes together at the same societal intersection,” Wood explained to host Trevor Noah.

When Noah seemed confused, Wood sputtered, “It’s when a whole lot of dope black shit happens at the same time.”

Wood explained further: “Going into last night, you had Black History Month, Beyoncé’s pregnancy with Jay’s twins, multiple black movies were nominated for Oscars and Frederick Douglass came back to life.”

Wood believes this is a glorious time.

“We are operating at maximum levels of ‘blacktivity’ that haven’t been seen in decades.”


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