Can you eat green bacon?

Dr. Seuss taught us all about the virtues of green eggs and ham, but what if your bacon is looking sickly?

Turns out, a greenish hue doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to toss it.

According to Mental Floss:

A chemical called nitrite, which has been used to cure meat for centuries, can react with a naturally occurring blood protein known as myoglobin, which can in turn change the color of the blood pigment in the meat from red to green. A team of researchers in Oklahoma named this phenomenon “nitrite burn.”

So, in most cases, a light green sheen on your bacon isn’t cause for alarm…

Note the phrase “most cases.” Green spots or any hint of weird smell means you’re better off going without crispy, bacon-y goodness for the moment.

We know, life isn’t fair, and the store is so far away, but your stomach will thank you. No one wants to have to tell the ER doc you’re there because you ate the green bacon.

Full story at Mental Floss via Neatorama.

Good bacon vs bad bacon.

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