8 tips to make washing dishes a breeze

Who are we kidding? If you hate doing dishes, nothing is ever going to make the pain go away altogether, but, alas, it must be done.

Treehugger’s Katherine Martinko has eight Earth-friendly tips and challenges that also make the goop easier to get off.

1. Minimize the number of dishes to be washed.

Know what can go in the dishwasher and what can’t – and learn how to pack the dishwasher as efficiently as possible. Don’t bother washing items that really don’t need it, i.e. a cutting board that’s been used to slice bread, a bowl that held some diced vegetables, a knife used to open packaging, measuring cups, vegetable peeler. Unless something has come into contact with meat, oil, or eggs, you might be able to get away with rinsing it or wiping with a towel.

2. Use a large vessel instead of the sink.

By vessel, I mean a bowl or pot that’s dirty from cooking. Set it inside the sink and fill with hot soapy water. Wash as many dishes in it as you can until water is dirty, then use that water to clean the vessel itself. Rinse, and grab another dirty pot or bowl. That way, you use less water, without needing to refill the sink, and you clean the big, space-hogging items at the same time.

Full story at Treehugger.

Household hacks for the environment.

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