12 Most Shocking School Scandals That Will Horrify You To Death

The school is our second home. That is what we’ve been knowing all our lives. But what happens when this “home” turns into our worst nightmare. These horrifying school scandals are enough proof to change our view of schools being our home. I can’t even imagine what these poor kids went through dealing with such shocking situations at such an innocent age.

Here are 12 most shocking school scandals that will horrify you!

1. Marlborough.

Elite schools have a reputation of being “perfect” in everything, be it sports, academics and what not.But some of them have secrets that are too shocking to come out in front. One such elite school is Marlborough, LA’s girls’ school and like all elite schools, it too had a very good reputation nationwide, well at least until 2014. But 2014, revealed a scandal that went quite far. Mikaela Gilbert, one of the students, wrote an essay for xoJane.com about a flirtationship that soon turned into a physical relationship with an unnamed English teacher. But soon the post went viral, and soon eight other girls, former students, came out front. Undoubtedly the essay was about Dr. Joseph Koetters. But the real scandal was how Barbara Wagner the head of the school, and other board members tried to cover up the matter!

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2. Berkshire School.

If you’re from London, manners, and etiquette is something that you should be greatly familiar with. But this is not the case in this prestigious New England prep school. The faculty members were no less irresponsible than the students, so cases of dirty jokes, weird comments, and inappropriate touching was very common. It was in 2000 when one of the school employees accused Paul Christopher, the then headmaster of sexual harassment. The news spread like wildfire, 20 more women came out in the front. Paul Christopher eventually had to resign.

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3. Miss Porter’s School.

So, I’m guessing all of you are familiar with movies like “Mean Girls” and “Clique” and “DUFF”. Yeah, this is one of those school scandals, where the “victim”, Tatum Bass, was attacked by all means possible. This scandal dates back to 2009, at Miss Porter’s School, again a reputed elite school. The group of mean girls going by the Oprichniki, bullied Miss Bass, by hacking her social media accounts, verbally taunting her. This led her to cheat on her history exam and the school expelled her. This whole incident came to light when her parents filed a lawsuit against the school.

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